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CWIP Board of Directors
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Meet our Executive Officers

Sarah Borgeson

Role at CWIP: Board Co-Chair 
Where She Works: Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
What She Does: Senior Director, Institutional Giving and Principal Gifts

Why Support Women & Girls? Investing in women and girls, at all stages of their lives, will cultivate more vibrant communities in which to live, work and play.
Fun Fact: Sarah loves exploring new places near and far, reading, running and kettlebells.

Tawa Mitchell

Role at CWIP: Board Co-Chair
Where She Works: MacArthur Foundation
What She Does: Senior Program Officer, Chicago Commitment
Why Support Women & Girls? Since the beginning of time, women have helped to shape our world and, oftentimes, have changed the course of history as we know it. My personal inspirations range from Queen Hatshepsut, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Mary McLeod Bethune, Sophia Packard, Harriet Giles, and Ethel Hedgeman Lyle to Ethel Reid - my great-grandmother who migrated to Ohio to flee the persecution she faced in the Jim Crow South and Ifé Carruthers - my mother, a retired educator and historian. I believe in supporting women and girls to honor the amazing SHEroes that came before me and to help cultivate the next generation committed to making their mark on the world and leaving it better than how they found it.
Fun Fact: I believe that Prince is the greatest artist of all time. Period. I had the privilege of seeing him live, in concert, over ten times - including all three nights of the Welcome 2 Chicago tour in 2012 and once in Madrid, Spain.

Jacki Davidoff

Role at CWIP: Treasurer, Co-Chair of the Racial Equity & Social Justice Committee Committee and Member CWIP Board of Directors
Where She Works: Davidoff Mission-Driven Business Strategy
What She Does: Principal and Senior Consultant
Why Support Women & Girls? I am invested in women and girls so I can give back. I am involved in CWIP because the organization reflects my values. I want to help women and girls grow and develop as leaders who see the gaps and inequities in our communities and the world and do something to address it. Women and girls lead in ways that are desperately needed in our world today.  We must keep developing ourselves and our leadership so we can be more impactful, more willing to take risks, to step forward and follow our principles and our individual missions. 
Fun Fact: One of my favorite places to go in Chicago is the top floor of the Chicago Cultural Center and the Tiffany mosaic dome. Fun fact 2: I speak fluent French and am actively gathering groups of women together to speak French. Send me an email if you want to come talk, listen, hang out with great women, or if you just want to eat croissants.


Carolyn Nopar

Role at CWIP: Past Board Co-Chair
Where She Works: Chicago Fundraising Accelerator
What She Does: Founder and CEO
Why Support Women & Girls? I firmly believe that to create a sustainable change in the lives of families living in low-income communities, we need to focus on women and girls. Women head most of the households and have the most influence on future generations. By giving them the tools to help themselves, we can impact their future as well as society as a whole.
Fun Fact: Carolyn spent a summer in college cleaning cabins and chasing bears at Sequoia National Park in California.



Maricar L. Ramos

Role at CWIP: Co-Chair of the Racial Equity & Social Justice Committee and Past Board Co-Chair
Where She Works: Evanston Cradle to Career
What She Does: Executive Director
Why Support Women & Girls? Women make the world go 'round, plain and simple. And until we eradicate the structural and systemic inequities that hold women back, I firmly believe the support for women and girls is essential. We still have a long way to go in areas such as pay equity, reproductive rights, violence prevention, as well as basic human rights, and I believe that advocacy, information dissemination, and increased funding are all vital to achieving parity and supporting women and girls world-wide.
Fun Fact: I combine my passions for both travel and yoga by seeking out and attending yoga retreats around the world. To date, I've practiced yoga all over the US; in five or six different cities in Mexico; Samois, France; Galway, Ireland; Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Urbino, Italy; Canterbury, England; Faro, Portugal; Barbados, and Montezuma, Costa Rica, where I also learned how to surf. Some of my best friendships began by performing sun salutations next to each other at 6 a.m. in a palapa hut, overlooking the ocean at sunrise. I practice yoga for the spirit/mind/body connection it engenders and enhances, and my current favorite yoga pose is standing on my head.


Debra Walker Johnson

Role at CWIP: Secretary and Co-Chair of the Women's Leadership Mentoring Program
Why Support Women & Girls? Investing in women and girls is a good sound investment.  An investment in a young girl often leads to an empowered woman. When you invest a woman, you invest in society. It has a multiplying effect that goes well beyond the woman, extending to her family and her community, resulting in the betterment of society.
Fun Fact: Debra has traveled around the world singing with her church choir.  Two of her most memorable events include performing with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and singing the National Anthem at a Chicago White Sox game.


Meet Our Directors & Staff:


Clare Butterfield

Role at CWIP: Member of Board of Directors
Where she works: Christopher Family Foundation
What she does: Executive Director
Why support women & girls? At this point in my career, working with a lot of other women is one of my pleasures. Teaching girls to be fierce and fearless is the least we can do as we hand off responsibility for a troubled world to them. I think women are often less hesitant to bring their love for other humans into their work, and the world needs more of that.
Fun Fact: During my tenure at Faith in Place I helped to run a halal meat business. No one got hurt, but riotous complications ensued.


Ashley Friend

Role at CWIP: Co-Chair of the Annual Luncheon Committee and Member of Board of Directors
Where she works: Lakeview Pantry
What she does: Director of Development
Why support women & girls? 
Fun Fact:


Lindsey George

Role at CWIP: Co-Chair Membership & Networking Committee and Member CWIP Board of Directors
Where She Works: Feeding America
What She Does: Senior Manager, Foundation Relations
Why Support Women & Girls? Early in my career I was fortunate to be surrounded by strong women that encouraged and supported my growth. Since then, I have become increasingly aware that this experience is not the norm. All women should have the opportunity and exposure to female mentors throughout their careers, so I feel honored to be a part of an organization that seeks to change that. I love playing a small role in helping to provide a space for support and encouragement among a talented network of women in Chicago.  
Fun Fact: I was raised in Pittsburgh and am a diehard sports fan!


Caronina Grimble

Role at CWIP: Communications Chair and Member of Board of Directors
Where She Works: Woods Fund Chicago
What She Does: Program Officer
Why Support Women & Girls? Because when women and girls are supported and empowered, they are equipped to change the world around them in incredible ways that positively impact everyone.
Fun Fact: Caronina is an avid gardener, and has six fruit trees in her backyard. #pies 


Venu Gupta

Role at CWIP: Member of Board of Directors
Where She Works: Venu Gupta & Associates
What She Does:  President
Why Support Women & Girls? 
Fun Fact:


Sarah Holliday

Role at CWIP: Co-Chair of the Programs Committee and Member of Board of Directors
Where She Works: Ounce of Prevention Fund
What She Does: Assistant Director, Foundation Relations
Why Support Women & Girls? 
Fun Fact:


Donna Jacobson

Role at CWIP: Co-Chair of the WLMP Committee and Member of Board of Directors
Where She Works: McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership
What She Does: Executive Director
Why Support Women & Girls? The most effective way to promote equity and justice is to champion women. When women unite and focus on our shared challenges and strengths, we make the world a better and safer place. When women are empowered, everyone benefits.
Fun Fact: I suffer from chronic wanderlust and have visited over 25 countries. When I’m not exploring, you can find me at home crafting, reading, and making to-do lists. I am a fourth-generation Chicagoan, a certified yoga instructor, and have co-led a book club in Lincoln Square for over eight years.

Patricia Marx

Role at CWIP: Member of Board of Directors
Where She Works: Quarles & Brady
What She Does: Attorney in the Tax-Exempt Organizations Practice Group
Why Support Women & Girls? As someone who has benefited tremendously from the support and mentorship of strong, intelligent women throughout the key stages of my life, I feel a strong desire and obligation to pay it forward and do everything in my power to help other women and girls succeed.  Investments in women and girls yield substantial returns, with significant benefits to the community and society as a whole.  
Fun Fact: I was born in Brazil and moved to the United States at the age of six after being adopted by two loving and supportive Americans.  I am an avid sports fan and an animal lover.  I have a black lab (Cassie), an English golden retriever (Maya), and a cat (Bella).                       


Gwendolyn McNutt

Role at CWIP: Member of the Board of Directors
Where She Works: Comcast, Greater Chicago Region
What She Does:Regional External Affairs Manager
Why Support Women & Girls? I am inspired by women who have become successful, but still make time to share their gifts and positive outlook on others.  I want to be one of those women and continue to make time to give back and take time to inspire women and girls of the future.
Fun Fact: I have loved superheroes ever since I was young. I still love them, and enjoy watching superheroes genre movies. 

Jennifer Mitchell

Role at CWIP: Member of Board of Directors
Where She Works:Year Up Chicago
What She Does: Associate Director of Corporate Engagement
Why Support Women & Girls? Women have made most significant strides. As a result, more opportunities and equality bless our lives. Yet much ground has yet to be covered. With this in mind, working for the advancement of women and girls is not only the right thing to do - it is the smart thing to do. When women and girls are held back from reaching their whole potential, we all lose out on talent that never flourishes and could significantly make a difference in the challenges that the world faces today.   
Fun Fact:  I have an "around the world" cooking library. What's better than a Spanish meal with an Eastern European touch?



Freeda Warren

Role at CWIP: Member of Board of Directors
Where She Works: Year Up Chicago
What She Does: Director of Philanthropy
Why Support Women & Girls? I support women and girls because I believe that throughout the world that women and girls are the backbone to society, families and communities.  When women succeed, everyone succeeds.  Women help create healthier, more sustainable communities and we are the most powerful force for change on the planet.  Women regardless of professional achievements are still relied upon by the family and society as the central care givers.  We have the most buying power, we make more financial decisions, we make most healthcare decisions, we manage the home, the kids, we work, we homeschool, all while keeping the plates spinning. With all of this, we still face incredible challenges; challenges that we have fought for and against for centuries.  I believe that women should have a voice and presence at the table to be recognized for the value that we bring to our families, jobs, and communities.  One of my personal goals in life is to continue the legacy of our foremothers and be a voice for change for all women.
Fun Fact: I have two Yorkie Terrier fur babies, Rocky and Charlie. I enjoy yoga, Pilates, hiking, traveling, warm California beaches, and I am a classical and jazz trained flutist.


Anne Wilson

Role at CWIP: Co-Chair of the Annual Luncheon Committee andMember of Board of Directors
Where She Works: Concordia Place
What She Does:  Director of Advancement
Why Support Women & Girls? I believe as women in this great City we all need to support one another to ensure each new generation of females feels supported and heard in the philanthropic community.  The future is female and I am energized each day to meet the many passionate women working in this sector. 
Fun Fact: Anne is a lifelong tennis player and is in a regular doubles group now at Midtown in Chicago.


Gidley Management Staff

Susan Gidley

Role at CWIP: CWIP Administrator.  I have been with CWIP for more than 20 years.
Where she works: Gidley Management Group, Inc., a woman-owned firm.
What she does: Partner at GMG, an association management company currently serving 10 non-profit organizations.  
Why Support Women & Girls? I believe women and girls are the caretakers of the world! 
Fun Fact: Susan owns Gidley Management Group (GMG) with her two sisters, Sheila and Debbie. She enjoys golf, music, games and sports, and is an avid poker player. 


Rachel Nugent

Role at CWIP: CWIP Administrator and Graphic Designer.
Where she works: Gidley Management Group, Inc.
What she does: Graphic Designer & Administrative Assistant
Why Support Women & Girls? “If one man can destroy everything, why can't one girl change it?” ― Malala Yousafzai
Fun Fact: As a self-proclaimed nerd and frequent Dungeon Master, Rachel has been everything from a magical granny to a cat pirate while playing Dungeons & Dragons.

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